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About Taylor Haynes

Taylor Haynes is a man who believes that it is character and faith that leads a person down a successful path in life.

Taylor is running for governor of Wyoming with a platform that leaves no doubt about his positions as a constitutionalist and a conservative.   A recent Gallup poll found that Wyoming is the most conservative state in the nation, possibly one of the reasons Haynes was comfortable making the state his home over 30 years ago.

Taylor was born on a produce farm in Louisiana and remembers working long, hard hours on the farm alongside his father. His upbringing in a strong Christian family, including his K-12 catholic school education, taught him that hard work, honesty, and self-discipline were the keys to achieving whatever goals he set his mind on.

After graduating from high school, Hayes told his father in no uncertain terms that he would “never have dirt on my boots again,” and left the farm.  He put himself through college and post-graduate studies by working as a laborer and stevedore on a freight dock. After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from Southern University, he accepted an engineering job in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Kennecott Copper Corporation Research Center.

In a search for greater control over his career, Taylor left his engineering position and began medical school at the University of Utah while also supporting his wife and four young children. After completing his surgical residency in Urology, he moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to open his medical practice. He ran a very successful surgical practice and became highly respected by his patients and other physicians in the community.  

Much to his father’s delight, Taylor did end up with dusty boots when he returned to his agricultural roots and bought a cattle ranch in southeast Wyoming. "One day the little red light came on, and I started thinking I could live on a small ranch while still practicing medicine. The next thing you know I am running cows and building fence," Haynes says. "Ranching is not as glamorous as being a physician, but I've always considered myself a cowboy, even when I was following two mules back on the farm in Louisiana," he says. "I also love the physical nature of the work, and the environment, which is so beautiful here on the High Plains."

Dr. Haynes’ accomplishments in the field of agriculture are many. He has served on the boards of local, state and national agriculture associations, and in 2006 he was presented with the Award of Merit by the Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture for his contributions in the field. He also worked with several other ranchers to found the Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming (ICOW), an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the Wyoming ranching industry.

Dr. Haynes has worked for years to inform and educate his fellow ranchers about such issues as eminent domain legislation, endangered species activities, and protection of property rights. By holding “town hall meetings” in his community and around the state, he organized and provided leadership to ranchers and community members so they could present a united front regarding legislative issues that impacted their quality of life and livelihood.

He was tapped to teach an annual workshop at the University of Wyoming on Diversity in Agriculture, which became so popular that it had to be held in an auditorium large enough to accommodate the audience of several hundred students and guests.  Dr. Haynes spearheaded a project that resulted in the installation of a monument honoring the Buffalo Soldier in a Cheyenne park.  Dr. Haynes was inducted into the National Multicultural Hall of Fame located in Fort Worth, Texas, an award that recognizes individuals who are trailblazers committed to the legacy of western culture.

In addition to his career accomplishments, Dr. Haynes has been tireless in his work for community and the state. He was appointed by Governor Geringer (R) of Wyoming to serve on the Board of Trustees of the University of Wyoming and after his six-year term expired, was reappointed by Governor Dave Freudenthal (D) for another six years.

Taylor is a charismatic man who captures the attention and admiration of those he meets with his genuine smile and vibrant personality. He is well known for the cowboy hat he is very seldom seen without and jokes that when he wants to go incognito, he sheds the cowboy hat in favor of a baseball cap.  He is a brilliant, confident man but without the arrogance or swagger expected in someone with his long list of accomplishments. On the contrary, he is a hard-working, roll-your-sleeves-up kind of guy who is most comfortable among other hard-working men and woman.

What you see is what you get with Taylor Haynes.  He doesn’t mince words or waiver in his beliefs. Ask anybody who has encountered Taylor Haynes during his life and they will agree about one crucial fact: He will draw the line in the dirt and stand up for constitutional rights.  

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