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Dr. Haynes is the first person running for office to promote Wyoming’s sovereignty and the absolute need to establish a “constitutional” relationship with the Federal Government. The vision he has shared with Wyoming voters for a prosperous and free Wyoming, is evident in his stance on the following important issues facing Wyoming.



There are viable options that can be implemented at the state level to improve access with affordable costs.


Dr. Haynes' priority will be to provide our next generation with a quality education that allows them to compete in the new world economy. 

Size of Government

The right size of Government is that which executes the functions of Government with the least tax burden.


Through years of first-hand experience and collaborating with other physicians, Dr. Haynes has gained invaluable insights as to how to greatly improve the care available to our Veterans.


We must be proactive and aggressive in positioning Wyoming producers to provide the majority of  power needs at the most competitive rates.

The Judiciary

Justices must decide cases according to their sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Wyoming Constitution.

In-State Contract Preferences

Preference on state contracts should be given to contractors domiciled in Wyoming.


A strong Agricultural base is one of the pillars of freedom. If you can’t feed your people they will be controlled by those who can feed them.

Gun Rights

"...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

Climate Change

Climate change is a natural phenomenon largely driven by our relationship to the Sun in its elliptical orbit and the aspect of the earth on its axis.


Over-taxation as well as over-regulation cripples economic activity.

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