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I am the fourth generation continuously involved in production agriculture in my family. Thus, with first-hand experience and as a leader in several Ag organizations, I am very well informed as to the threats and responsibilities facing the agriculture industry. Through my involvement with the various Ag organizations I am actively engaged in defending the family farm and ranch.

The Trump administration has had some stumbles in this regard. The loss of the GIPSA rule has placed individual producers at a great disadvantage in the market place. Prior to the Trump administration, the loss of Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) of beef products harmed the domestic beef producers significantly. Agriculture is the largest segment of the US economy, and beef production is the largest segment of Agriculture. Agricultural products are the renewable resources we count on for sustenance, basic fiber and shelter.

The Forest product Industry has suffered the most under politically correct, non-scientific management. The beetle-killed forests are a tragedy. They now must be dealt with in an urgent manner. We must have logging to use as much of this timber as saleable. We must allow the public to use the scatter and slash method for firewood. We must also have timber sales to promote and maintain a healthy forest system. The logging roads will provide access for recreation as well as fire fighting. We are consulting with a nationally renowned forestry firm for a comprehensive forest plan.


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