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Wyoming is among the top 10 states in the country when it comes to per-student expenditures at $16K per student - more than any of our neighbors. However, our test scores don’t match up with that expenditure. I am not blaming the teachers. The blame lies with the system they are forced to use. Common Core, and previously No Child Left Behind, are the culprits in my view.

  • Math USA 41st, well below Singapore, Hong Kong China and Russia.
  • Reading USA 24th below Singapore and Hong Kong above China and Russia
  • Science USA 25th below Singapore Hong Kong and China above Russia

I have been a vocal opponent of common core education, a follow-on to "No Child Left Behind.” Together they have caused the declining performance of our students through out the Republic.

With the money we spend on education we must improve our outcomes. We have all but abandoned vocational education. I propose that the basic skills be achieved by the end of the sophomore year of high school. The student entering their junior year can choose the college track or the vocational track. This has been very successful in other states.

We must fully embrace Information Technology. We should explore and incorporate the various industry methods used in producing IT professionals. This is an area where we are woefully short. It is reported that 50% of Silicon Valley IT professionals are foreign born.

The Community Colleges can expand the programs they already have working with high school students, and the University of Wyoming must move well into the top 100 Research Universities in the country.

When I am Governor of our Great State, I will have access to the President and the Secretary of Education, and Wyoming will then have a voice. Wyoming can lead the way to world class academic performance. 

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