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2018 Tax Pledge

I have studied the Wyoming budget, income streams and spending practices carefully for the past few years. Serving two terms on the UW Board of Trustees provided great insight into the budgeting relationship between the state agencies and the Governor, and thus, I've developed a clear understanding of our budget.

The 2018-2020 biennial spending plan is very frustrating. (When drunken Sailors run out of money they quit spending!) The people of Wyoming have spoken loudly and clearly that they are not interested in more or higher taxes. We cannot tax our way to prosperity.

I can pledge the following: I will not sign, and will veto, any bill that will raise any tax, or create any new tax, or support any new revenue stream having the effect of a tax. This pledge is good for my entire term as Governor of Wyoming.

You can see more about my pledge and the economic reasons for it on the website of Sven Larson, author of the Wyoming Prosperity Project, and leading economists here in the state. 

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