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Buchanan's Effort to Stop Haynes' Campaign Fails

We read with great interest Secretary of State Ed Buchanan’s press release concerning Dr. Haynes' victory in a hearing initiated by Buchanan.  Buchanan claimed Haynes was ineligible to run for the Governor's seat based on anonymous reports that Haynes hadn't been a resident of Wyoming for the past five years.

In his statement, Buchanan attempted to justify his failure in court by implying Dr. Haynes should have forgone his right to Due Process and suspended his campaign. (Read Secretary of State's Press Release)

Buchanan, the appointed (not yet elected) Secretary of State, was the Campaign Chairman for Harriet Hageman until March 2018, and his very public and negative handling of this case smacks of political favoritism.

The ruling by Judge Campbell denied Buchanan’s request for an injunction which would have stopped Dr. Haynes’ campaign without allowing him the benefit of a trial. The court ruled that such an injunction has to be based on a “degree of certainty, which is not present here." The ruling also stated that it was "impractical and unfair" to bypass Dr. Haynes’ right to due process.

The judge further said that based on the information reviewed by the court regarding Dr. Haynes’ residency, the likelihood that the State would prevail and find Dr. Haynes to not be a resident of Wyoming is doubtful.   (Read Judge Campbell's Ruling)

Dr. Haynes has stated that he is a resident of Wyoming, and has been for 35 years, and the attempts to stop his campaign with unverified claims to the contrary are purely political.

If the Secretary of State pursues the case, or continues to issue biased and negative statements, it would seem his only motivation would be the political advancement of his chosen candidate, to the detriment of both Dr. Haynes’ campaign and the Wyoming taxpayers who bear the cost of the State's legal proceedings.

It’s time to put an end to insider politics.

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