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Wyoming Deserves Fiscal Responsibility

Over the past few months I have been addressing the need for true fiscal responsibility in state government. But Wyoming citizens also deserve fiscal conservatism: being responsible means that no matter what improvements we make to the economy we do not spend more than we make. That is bad business. Some of the other candidates have mimicked my thoughts on this matter, but they shy away from real fiscal conservatism: which means that you solve the budget problem on the spending side, not the revenue side.

The people of Wyoming deserve more than hazy ambitions. They deserve concrete ideas that deliver results. I suggest two reasonable steps that should be taken immediately.

Unlike most other states, Wyoming does not have a strong audit process that compares what was spent with what was allocated. Under my watch this will take place, and I will use what other states have utilized to make this possible: a fully transparent, easy to understand account of every line item in the budget, so that everyone - not just budget experts - can track expenses and allocations. This will help us know exactly how much is appropriated, and how much is spent, on everything government is involved in.

I will also push hard to merge the revenue and appropriations committees. Instead of having one committee controlling spending and another monitoring revenue, Wyoming needs a budget committee that oversees both so that the two can be correlated at every step. Doing it otherwise is similar to going shopping for a new car without knowing what is in the bank.
These two steps are not complicated, but they provide results. And we need results over rhetoric. I'm proud to deliver for the people of Wyoming.

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